Monday, 11 April 2011

Pics... Interesting Idea, but not what most people are thinking

I have been asked by quite a few interested skins if there will be pictures in Brass Knuckles & Lace. Yes and no is the answer. Let me try to explain a little better.

There are many many different websites and magazines out there dedicated to skinhead girls, filled with pictures of them, with contests looking for the best looking one, etc etc etc. Suicide Girls and Oitomboy have more adult pictures for those looking to...well, looking for more adult pictures. What I'm looking for would be old pictures from the 1960's, 1970's, and even the 1980's. Crew pictures, scooter run / club pictures, band and gig pictures. Even modern pictures are good, so long as they are pictures of you and your mates, and not glammed up sexy photo shoot pictures. Real and having fun are good, not the kind you'd tack to the ceiling to keep you warm on those cold lonely nights.

Remember... your mum might one day flip through this book. Let's try not to give her a heart attack.

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