Sunday, 15 May 2011

Angry Birds (byrds?)

Just a quick update. I haven't made one in a little while it seems. So I've been hard at work interviewing people for Brass Knuckles & Lace. Collecting some cool stories, meeting interesting people and such. So that is good.

My girlfriend and I are getting a place together in June (2 weeks) so a chunk of my writing time has been spent packing (I own a LOT of music... Lord help me, I mean a LOT). So after the move, and the unpacking is done, and my office is put back together and set, I'll be making a lot more blog posts updating everything and everyone.


I asked a question on Facebook, "WTF are Angry Birds?". Big mistake. I learned that it is a game for iPods, iPads, iPhones, iReallydon'thavemuchofalifeanymores.... and a friend of mine sent me a link to play it for free on Google Chrome. So I thought "Meh, what the hell? Let's check it out."

I am no longer writing this book. I am no longer going to work. I am no longer eating or bathing. I am consumed with killing that laughing pig by flinging pissed off birds at it. Why these birds can't fly is beyond me, but there is something amusing about flinging them from a slingshot at rocks, glass and wood.

I may have lost 40 pounds. I may stink. I may have bottles of my own urine all around me... but damn it I will beat this game or die trying.

The ONLY reason I am writing this is because I got mad at my computer that I can't seem to kill a laughing pig with a bowl on it's head and needed a break, because I am still sane(ish) enough to know that attempting to strangle my computer will not help my game one bit. 

Okay. I've calmed down. Time to slaughter some green bacon with flightless exploding birds... see you all next week!

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