Saturday, 21 May 2011

A post for the ladies, or anyone who knows any skinhead girls

So as some of you know, I'm writing a book. A book about skinhead girls, and their 40 some odd years of history. Seems to me that most times you see or read about skinhead girls they are background characters, fuck toys, or pin-ups. what I am working on, titled 'Brass Knuckles & Lace' is a book about skinhead girls opinions, thoughts etc about being a skinhead.

Are you a skinhead girl? Were you a skinhead girl? Well then I'm interested in talking to you. Do you know any skinhead girls, or women who used to be a skinhead? Was your older sister or mother a skinhead? Well then please feel free to pass this on to them.

Any pics used in this book will be of scooter runs, crews or concerts. This is not a pin-up book. It is meant to show how skinhead has grown from it's roots, what life is like today, and where skinhead might go into the future.

Some of you also know that I am moving into a sweet little apartment with my girlfriend. Those that know me know my life is always 'interesting', and to that effect I have managed to pack some of the things I needed to work on this book. Sigh. So I'm going to publish some of the questions I'm asking here, and now I'm asking anyone who wants to to answer them, or pass them on to anyone you know who might want to answer them.

Feel free to e-mail them around, repost them on Facebook, Twitter and anything else that you might use. I can be reached on Facebook, Twitter ( ) or at the Brass Knuckles & Lace blog ( )

Thanks to anyone who answers these questions. Thanks to anyone who reposts these questions. I promise to not cook you anything for Christmas (those that know me, or read my normal rants know that my cooking is a crime). 

1, How long have you been a skinhead?
2, What made you decide/how did you become a skinhead?
3, How would you describe the scene in your area?
4, What are your thoughts on ska/skinhead reggae/soul/punk/oi music? Which are your favorite bands?
5, How do you view being a skinhead girl in what is seen as a very masculine subculture?
6, Lace/braces colours, what are your thoughts on them?
7, How does skinhead girl fashion differ from skinhead guy fashion?
8, Are there any brands you are loyal to?
9, Why do you think politics is so heavy in the skinhead scene, compared to other scenes that are supposed to be more political in nature (Hippies and their civil rights protests, punks and anarchy for example)?
10, How did your family react to you becoming a skinhead?
11, How have you changed from when you first became a skinhead?
12, What was the scene like when you became a skinhead?
13, What is the scene like today?
14, Where do you see the scene going in the future?
15, Your thoughts on S.H.A.R.P.?
16, Your thoughts on R.A.S.H.?
17, Your thoughts on nationalism?
18, Your thoughts on Boneheads?
19, Are skinhead girls as violent as skinhead guys?
20, How do you feel about how skinheads are portrayed in the media?
21, Do you have any tattoos, and if so, are there any stories behind them?
22, I've heard some people argue that to be a skinhead girl takes strength, and is a strong feminist stance. I've heard others say that being a skinhead just makes girls “oi toys” to be passed around and tossed aside. What are your thoughts on this?
23, Has being a skinhead affected your work?
24, What to you does it mean to be a skinhead?
25, Do you think that the internet has helped or hurt the skinhead scene?

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